Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday ~November 2nd~

I have been knitting up a storm these past few weeks, and I have a lot to share this Wednesday.

First off, I'm about halfway finished with Wendy Johnson's Summer Mystery Shawl in Knitpicks Stroll in the colorway Rouge. I'm calling this my WAY TOO PINK shawl.  It's a gift for my grandmother, and one of her favorite colors. And, wow, is it pink!

Next, are my Fury Armwarmers.  These are being knit in FlockSock Sock Yarn in the colorway Night Fury, based on the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. (Aside, a very cute movie).  My jury's still out about how I feel about the yarn.  I purchased it online during the Dizzy Spin-Off and I had been under the impression that it was self-striping.  Not really striping, but still very pretty.  I tried for a while to get the colors accurate, but its a difficult yarn to photograph. Its actually a pale green and dark grey.
Vivian is coming along nicely as well. I've attached both arms and I'm about two rows from starting the saddle. It actually looks like a sweater! My goal was to have Vivian, my green beastie, in time to take it along to my Society of Neuroscience Conference.  I can't take her along with my anymore, because she's just too big.  I'm not sure I'm going to get her done in time, since I really want the hood.  Maybe if I forgo the zipper for just that week.....

Happy Wednesday! And make sure to check out Tamis Amis for more WIP Wednesday. 
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