Friday, November 9, 2012

Darn it - Not so everlasting.

I always mourn the loss of a handknit, but I don't think anything is worse than finding a hole in a handknit sock.  The amount of time for the original knit, how much I love every pair, it's just too much.

I've lost a few socks over the three years that I've been knitting socks. I've attempted to darn them, but I'm afraid of my darning skills and me pulling the sock back out of my shoe and seeing an even bigger hole.

The sock is question this time are my Wineberry Rose Socks in Dream in Color Everlasting sock. (Not so everlasting, I guess.) I don't blame the yarn, I'm rather harsh on my socks. I wear them to work, and these pair were probably worn every week since I finished them last September. I take it thats about 65-70 wears in the past year, in tennis shoes.

Ill attempt to darn these as well, but I think they'll be retired to house socks. No more work for them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Your Spring Be Green

The SO, my uncle, some others and I stopped by the Japanese Biotanical Gardens last weekend. (It's less than 5 minutes from the new MadTosh store).

May your spring be as green and lovely.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Knit - a - long!

Hello again. I've gone back to work full time, and the stress had sent me into a knitting frenzy for a while The blog kind of went to the wayside for a bit, and well, the housework did too.

I'm getting my groove back and I have a lot to show. I've joined a few knit-a-longs and my forever sweater ardielse is almost done! (No pictures of her though, she is just too close to being finished. Just the bottom hem is left, and then the finishing and modelling the beauty.

So instead, here are the KALs I'm working on:

The Holden shawlette with a small KAL group I really enjoy. I don't have a good recent photo, once it gets too big its really hard to photograph on the needles. I'm about ready to start the lace section

And everyone's favorite infliction at the moment: The Color Affection Shawl. I'm knitting mine in Madelinetosh Merino Light. (A new MadTosh store opened in Fort Worth!!!) And the most interesting thing happened. I picked out two colors at the store to go with the skein I purchased at the FiberFest last month. The green and the blue skeins are the same colorway (Cousteau) bought at two seperate times. They are going to go SO WELL together. SO EXCITED!!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

FO Friday: My Little Pony Feet

I finished my figit socks this week. This pair really reminds me of old school My Little Pony. They are just so punk rock girlie!

This is my second pair of socks from String Theory Colorworks. Their stripes are amazing! I tried my best to get the hot pink just right in the photos. And another round of applause for some great photo taking by a very patient SO. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Hands and Feet

I have several of the same WIPs going on this week without much progress, so I thought I would share just my latest. I know it's springtime, but I couldn't resist doing some colorwork. It was just calling my name. I started a pair of Endpaper mitts. The colorwork makes the knitting go so fast!

I'm making this set out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca light. These are going to be perfect for work. My workplace is freezing and its nice to be able to keep my hands warm and still be able to type.

See the cute little project bag? I made it! I'm so proud of how my progress is going with the sewing. I kind of went overboard on making project bags, so I put the extras that I made in my etsy shop.

For more WIP Wednesday, make sure to check out Tamis Amis!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DFW Fiber Fest Fun!

As I teased yesterday, I finally am going to show off all the goodies I got at this year's DFW Fiberfest. I've missed the past two years because of work responsibilities, so I just had to make the most of it this year!

First off, Madelinetosh had a huge booth and I ended up in their corner more than once. I picked up some Tosh Merino light and and two skeins of their worsted merino cashmere blend. 

They also announced they are opening a store in Fort Worth!!! Good thing it is a bit of a drive over there, or my pocketbook would be empty.

Two skeins of The Alpaca Yarn Company Astral. It's a tencel and alpaca mix. It's so shiny and soft.

I picked up some beautiful wool from a local farm out in Lancaster, TX too. Brooks Farm Solona in the colorway Sol. It's more of a blueish-green. The color of this one was hard to capture in the photo.

And of course, since I'm trying to learn how to spin, I picked up some great fiber as well. Both are BFL, which was reccommended to me as easy for a beginner because of the long staple.

The beautiful purple is from Wooly Wonka Fibers and the blue and brown is from Two If By Hand.

I had so much fun finally being able to go to my local fiberfest. Now to spin/knit all these goodies up!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Feeling Red

As I looked into my WIP bag this week, I noticed something... I think I might be feeling a bit red. First up is a new set of stockinette self-stripey socks using Cherry Tree Hill in the colorway Black Cherry. The photo is via my new photobox setup my SO gave me for my birthday. Isn't he wonderful?

Next up is my Adeilse. She is growing slowing but steadily and is about 4 inches below the arm now. By the time I finish this one, the summer will probably be in full swing here in Texas. It was already 85 and humid this past weekend. She'll be nice in the fall though. 

Also in the picture is my new cake bag. Isn't it adorable? My brother bought it for me as a birthday gift at the DFW fiberfest. If you come back tomorrow, I'll show you all the great other goodies I got there. (Hint: It'll be soft and wonderful!)

Oh, and one more piece of news! I got a GREAT deal on a sewing machine that I've been eyeing for a while. I'm going to learn to sew! Oh, the project bags I could make....

Oh, and don't forget to visit Tami's Amis for more WIP Wednesday!

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