Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To my frogged cherry leaf scarf...


On my first ever attempt at something lacy I started this beautiful scarf. Isn't it lovely? Unfortunately, it's now back to being a ball of yarn and is sitting by my spot on the sofa waiting to become something pretty yet again.

I didn't have enough yarn.

The pattern called for two 50g balls of sport weight yarn, so I got two skeins of Telemark yarn (By knitpicks. Can anyone tell where last months knitting fund went to?), and happily cast on.

This scarf is meant to be knit from both ends, and joined in the middle. When I finished my first skein, the scarf measured about a foot long, about 15-16 inches if I stretched to what I hoped blocking would look like. Waaaay too short for a scarf, especially since I like mine to be a bit long.

So, to my frogged Cherry Leaf Scarf:
Do not fret! I will rebuild you. Faster, stronger, and with less repeats. You will be beautiful again. I promise. :-)

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