Sunday, May 29, 2011

KDtS - The Rules

Knitting Down the Stash (KDtS) is on day 2. I've come up with some rules for myself. I've added a few exceptions, because no diet works when you completely cut out the sweets.

1) No new yarn will be added to the stash for myself by myself, except for these exceptions:
             Babies - New babies get yarn, because I have nothing in my stash fit for babies
             Vacations - If I am in a new location and LYS (this will be rare), I am allowed ONE SKEIN.
             The Sock Blankie - I have plenty of miniskeins and scraps of my blankie so this shouldn't be a concern. However, if I run out a minis to feed the blankie, it might become sentient and destroy us all. So, if I do run out of yarn for the blankie, that part of the KDtS is finished

2) I must complete at least one project using sock yarn every month, since that is half my stash.

3) I must admit any breaking of the rules to my blog.

You knitting down your stash on your blog? Link here. We are stronger together!

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