Thursday, July 21, 2011

Babies don't count!

A few months ago, I initiated the Knit Down the Stash plan. This plan had a few simple rules. Don't buy yarn being the primary rule.  I also made an exception: Babies don't count.  I made this rule simply because you never know when an unexpected surprise will fall into your lap. (No Mom, I'm not pregnant.)

One of the SO's family is now expecting, but is also seven months along and I just found out. I only have two months to prepare knitted awesomeness! Since my family is currently lacking in the baby department, I haven't had a chance to knit for a little one yet. So off to Micheal's I raced.  All of the yarn I have currently would not fit the bill of being easy care for the new mother, so I picked up six skeins of Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids in Cream, Chocolate, and Green  It's a 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn that is definitely easy care. (And I just found out that Micheal's has a reward program??)

I'm improvising the design for a baby blanket. With my busy moving schedule lately, I won't have much time to sit and knit something incredibly beautiful and intricate (and my SO reminded me that it would be throw up on a lot). Instead, I'm going to make a modular knit that I can carry around with me and finish piece by piece in the car going from apartment to house and house to apartment. The plan so far is to make a large number of garter stitch squares in three colors, stitch them together, and add an i-cord border.

Hey, does that make this my design? Nah, I'm sure someone has come up with this before.

In two days, I'm made 8 brown garter stitch squares approximately 5 inches x 5 inches. Seven in the picture and one more I finished on the way into work this morning. (I apologize for the low quality photo, again this was late at night and I couldn't get some more natural looking lighting.)


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