Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday ~July 27th, 2011~

Woo! Look at me, I'm part of a meme! I've had one WIP Wednesday before, back before all hell broke loose with the moving and the lack of internet. At the time, I knew lots of blogs reported a Wednesday WIP, but I didn't know how big (or cool!) it is!  You can find other participants of WIP Wednesdays through Tami's blog: Tami's Ami's.  Lots of new blogs (and knits!) for me to stalk.

In WIP news, still working on the emergency baby blanket. (I have ~ 6 weeks, and I'm a sloooow knitter.)  Originally, the plan was just knit in three colors until I decided I was done and then sew them together in a random pattern followed up with an i-cord border. However, I had a little two much fun with my computer and started playing around with the colors and shapes until I found something that I really liked.


This coloring pattern would need:
24 Chocolate squares
12 Cream squares
13 Green squares

So far, I have 10 Chocolate Squares...

And 7 Cream Squares....

So much garter stitch is making me go insane.


In the making of this blog post, I noticed that 3 of my 7 cream squares were two rows shorter than all my other squares. In definition, they were not, well, square!  So late last night, I picked out the bind off and added two rows to each. My squares are now square!



  1. I have that problem as well, as soon as I start planning a blanket it morphs totally out of control. I had a plan for my niece, it involved 8 colours now I have 17 and it's still growing!

  2. Lol, the "battleplan" I love it!! Looks good so far, keep it up!

  3. I like the pattern you've decided on, sounds like a good plan to keep it looking tidy :)

  4. It's going to be a beautiful blanket!

  5. Looks like it will be a pretty blanket.

  6. I love the battleplan you've drawn up, the colours and shapes are going to look great, and not traditionally baby, which is awesome. :D

    Good luck on the finishing-in-time and not having the garter stitch drive you crazy!

  7. Ambitious! The colors look great... good luck!

  8. The current baby blanket I am making is all in one piece. It's halfway and too much to take with me. I need to do something like yours, in pieces for easy travel! Love the quilt block look.

  9. It's going to look great!! Great battle plan. :) Welcome (back) to WIPW!

  10. I hope you manage to finish it up. I recently finished off a baby blanket and I felt so good! Will check on you progress! Take care!

  11. Good for you to see the mistake and fix it up! Looks like this blanket is well underway!


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