Thursday, October 6, 2011

Have Sleeves, Will Travel

In my last post, I was complaining that Vivian had become to big to travel with me anymore. I had forgotten one thing: SLEEVES!!!  After I had finished the main body, I cast on the left sleeve. I have no idea why I didn't do this before, I would have been way more productive on Vivian if the sleeves had been growing in my travel tote the last two weeks.  It looks great so far. The cuff of the sleeve really reminds of a "Swampthing" hand, which I'm adoring more than I should. (And I'll be having great fun with it later when I'm wearing it.)

Additionally, when you're knitting in public, you never know whose attention you'll attract.  At my institution, students are required to park in the outdoor parking. This parking lot is a couple of hundred yards from the main building.  We're allowed to park in the underground parking under the building after 5:00.  I'm typically move my car about five because, well, the neighbor isn't that great and I don't want to walk out there by myself after dark.

Anyways, I was knitting along as I walked out to my car.  A dark blue convertible Volkswagen bug was pulling out of the garage. I stopped, but the driver waved me on.  So, I walked by, concentrating on my sleeve again when I hear the driver behind. "Heeeeeelllllllooooo, fellow knitter!!!" By the time I turned around, the car was pulling out.

Whoever she was, she definitely made my day.


  1. The cables are beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. I had someone approach me at a farmers market I work on Saturday to ask me about my blog. She had actually read it! I took my knitting with me one day and had all kinds of comments and questions about what I was doing.

  2. Your really inspiring me to put this on my to do list. It looks great!

  3. well i guess then there is at least one positive thing about knitting sleeves! they always seem to drag me down... but maybe if i started dragging them around with me i'd like them more! :)


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