Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday ~ September 14th, 2011~

Another week, another WIP Wednesday.  I've been very thankful for participating in WIP Wednesdays, it is keeping me posting as the week just flies by!

So whats up this week?

Vivian is coming along nicely.  Its doubled in size since last week, and I've started the waist shaping.  I'm really liking this project so far. The pattern is easy to memorize but has plenty in the different cables to keep me interested. 

Likewise, I'm liking the yarn for the project. It's the first time I'm used Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes Bulky, and its very different from my experience I've had with the worsted weight version. The Bulky weight seems much softer and the stitch definition so far is just awesome. Look at those cables pop!

I'm also still chugging along on my Wineberry Socks, which have become my designated On-the-go project. The heel turn is now complete and I'm almost finished with the gusset. This yarn was also a first-timer with me. (When it comes to yarn, I have to try 'em all.) I'm using Dream in Color Everlasting Sock. The color is gorgeous, and I really wish I could get a truer hue with my camera of the rich purples of this yarn. Another component about DiC Everlasting is that it's the first 8 ply yarn I've used, and the first socks I'll be making without any nylon content.  I'm really curious to see how they hold up.  The name does have me asking "How everlasting are they?"

There is one small detail about these socks that are bothering me. You can't tell in the picture, but it bright light one sock is definitely darker than the other one.  Curious, considering I'm knitting them 2 at a time from both ends of the same cake. I'm hoping as I knit they'll merge into the same hue as I reach the middle of the cake.

If you want more WIP Wednesday Awesomeness, check out all my fellow crafters over at Tami's Amis.


  1. Those cables really do look great in that yarn, nice stitch definition indeed ;)

  2. I love both coloursways you've shown, they're stunning! And yes the cables are wonderful!!!

  3. That Vivian is gorrrgeous, I love the cables and hearing that someone else is enjoying their experience working with bulky weight yarn---I usually work in worsted, myself, and when I made a pair of fingerless mitts in a heavier yarn, I was so pleased with the softness and how much faster they worked up!

  4. That Vivian looks really squishy. I love bulky weight yarn.

  5. Your Vivian is beautiful! I just love cabled sweaters.

  6. Both projects are coming along so nicely!

  7. Your Vivian is looking so great! Such pretty cables and color. I love the colors of those socks. Hand dyed yarn can have a mind of its own when it comes to matching hues. They look lovely.

  8. great progress on both projects!
    that sweater is going to be so amazing!!


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