Friday, August 13, 2010

Grad School Normal

When I first started graduate school, they encourage students from different areas of interest to mingle. While I was interested in neuroscience, I had friends in biochemistry, microbiology, and cancer research.

During these first few months, before the real craziness of earning a Ph.D. sets in, we realized something. We called it "Graduate School Normal".

This term comes from the fact that it takes a certain type of person (at least we noticed) to want to become a scientist. We are not normal by most standards, but we are normal in the graduate school setting. Somehow, I became the standard for "Grad School Normal". I'm a little odd, I'll admit.

My communication skills have always been a problem. Which is one of the reasons I've decided to start this blog. I'm completely to the point. (Which I always thought was a good thing.) I'm honest to a fault, often saying things more bluntly than I should. To say in the smallest amount of words: I'm awkward.

I wanted to start this blog to work on my communication skills. I'm going to try to focus mostly on my time in graduate school, and maybe some of my hobbies I still have time for.

Or, in a nutshell, I'm a neuroscientist that knits. Go figure.

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