Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late nights and fishy socks


It's another late work day here in research world. I took this picture out on my way to my parked car last night. Seems so pretty and peaceful...

So in another attempt to not think about my works-in-progress talk that is coming up this friday, I'm continuing to knit all of my frustrations and worry into a very pretty pair of socks. (When I'm not working on that presentation, of course.)

I'm using Lornes Laces Shepherd Sock Mutli in Ravenswood. A very pretty combination of reds and blues, that seems to flash beautifully. No pooling so far!


These are Cookie A.'s Pomatomus. Having a Zoology background, I absolutely adore that they look like fish scales. Here is a close up photo.


I can't wait to make the second one, and might even make a second pair in some more "fishy colors". I was thinking maybe Poseidon by String Theory Fibers? (What scientist can resist yarn named after a theory?)

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