Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enabling and Fate

I'm surrounded by enablers...

Through my latest perusing of Ravelry, I came across a hoodie that I completely fell in love with. Vivian.  Check out the link, its absolutely gorgeous. It was published in the twist collective in the Winter 2008 issue, so I'm a little behind in the game. (Again.) You can see lots of projects of this work of art on Ravelry, which is really what sold me.

I tell myself "Nope, I'm on a yarn diet." Does that work? Not really. So I relied on my friends and family to keep me on course:

Option 1) The SO
I sent him the link for Vivian and asked him into talk me out of buying the yarn. His response "It looks nice. And, winter is coming" (I still can't believe he used A Song of Ice and Fire reference)
Option 2) The Nonknitting Friend
Again, I sent her the link. She also stated she loved the hoodie, and pointed out that I have a whole yarn closet now. (I did commandeer a whole closet in the new house for my knitting, and it IS mostly empty.)
Option 3) The Mother
My last hold out, I knew my mom would help me talk myself out of making the purchase and using the yarn I already had. She also encouraged me to make it, saying that it was beautiful.

Behold the power of the Vivain Sweater!

I went ahead and ordered the yarn. And as fate has it... it's backordered until September. Back to the garter stitch baby blanket...


  1. It is an absolutely amazing sweater... been in my faves for a while!
    I'll give a 4th 'go for it' :)

  2. ha!
    that sweater is very gorgeous.. i'd be powerless against it as well!

    at least the yarn is backordered. this way by the time the yarn arrives the guilt about buying it will have worn off! :)


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