Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yarn in the house

My backordered yarn came in today. 10 beautiful skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Oregano. The pictures I took just don't do the color justice, its an absolute gorgeous olive green. Of course, I should wait until I finish the Patchwork Baby Blanket. Well.... maybe I could knit just the swatch...

In baby blanket news, since I missed WIP Wednesday this week, I am DONE DONE DONE with the sewing. That took much longer than I had estimated, but then again I also estimated that I would only have to sew each seam once. Between my inexperience with sewing knitted items, and being a perfectionist I probably ended up sewing three times as many seams as the blanket actually required.  I also realized that I can't count. I had two extra brown squares when all was said and done. 

This morning, I finished weaving in ends, and this afternoon I started the I-cord edging. I'm so excited to finish this project, especially since I made it without any type of pattern. I'm wondering if I should try to write up the pattern.




  1. What a cool looking baby blanket. I love how you arranged the squares. That and the color makes it stylishly modern. You should totally right up the pattern!

  2. The blanket looks great! I do not think I have seen anything else like it out there.

  3. hooray for being done with seaming - it looks fantastic!!


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