Friday, August 26, 2011

Needle Eating House!

Either my house has starting eating knitting needles, or a small black hole has opened up in my living room.

Last night, I was putting up my interchangeable needle set that I had pulled while fiddling with a new design I had been thinking about. I picked it up from the wrong side of the case and all the needles dumped out on the floor. Of course, I panicked, and quickly gathered them up. I came up two needles short. One size 7 was missing, and one size 10.5 was missing.

Now granted, I hardly even use either of these sizes because I typically get gauge with 8s and 11s, but I had to find those needles! It was one thing if they were a set, but now I have two unmatched needles and just looking at them was driving me crazy.

I looked in the couch, under the cushions, under the couch, under the rug, in a couch I wasn't even near, boxes in the next room... I traced the room on my hands and knees looking next to the base boards. Those two needles were absolutely gone. Gone! I think my SO thought I had gone a little mad by the time I was moving the furniture out of the room.

Maybe I should just give up and let them either turn up, or just resolve myself that my two needles have passed through the event horizon never to be seen again.

1 comment:

  1. You are not alone.
    My house eats needles and my car eats lego. The last one causes huge upset.


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