Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Not to Sew Blocks Together

 More sewing fun....
After about two full evening of fiddling with the horizontal sewing for all these blocks, I was resigned. Every time I tried attaching two blocks, one on top of the other I resulted in having gaps in the garter stitch in between. If I didn't have these gaps, I had terrible bunching on the other side.

Yes, the s isn't capitalized. But there is one person out there laughing about Growth Associated Proteins...
Was I fooling myself? Maybe it was supposed to look like this and the image in my head was impossible. I couldn't find any pictures online of what the back of this seaming was supposed to look like, so maybe its a dirty knitting secret no one mentions?  After retrieving the thrown blocks again, I had resigned myself that this was how it was gonna look.

The next evening, I sewed 14 blocks into the first two vertical strips of my blankie. By the third strip, I wasn't paying close attention to what I was doing. (Actually, I was too busy yelling at the TV because the historical inaccuracies, and weapon choices, in The Deadliest Warrior reruns.) I looked down at my blocks. This new strip was different!

There were no gaps! I had no idea what I had done! I slowly picked it apart and found that I not chosen the farthest out loop on this one, but had picked one inner loop of the stitch from one block and the outer loop of the stitch on the other block. This resulted in the blocks slightly laying over each other, preventing the gap on the backside!

I feel clever!

Now to pick out the seaming on the first two strips and start again....


  1. hehe! Love the GAPs reference!!! :D :D

    And oh! Clever idea about the sewing! I havent dont any knitting yet that requires sewing because I dont know that I can do it :P Good to know there is somebody to ask :)

  2. You sound very smart with seaming :)


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