Friday, March 25, 2011

March Sock Blankie Update

It has been over six months since I started my own sock blankie. Sadly, it was put into hibernation about the time that my christmas knitting started last September. This past week I've pulled the poor thing out of its project bag, and I've added 3 squares this week.

Not much of a dent, but each little square counts! Here the is sock blankie so far in all its glory:


And some closer shots:

Things I've learned from my sock blankie:

1) Picking up stitches - If you look at bottom row of my blankie, the stitches that were picked up weren't very uniform. I was picking them up in the wrong location, which lead to bumps on the reverse side that was not very smooth. I have definitely gotten better over time!

2) I-cord - This was my first time trying i-cord, just starting the border on the bottom. I'm still not sure I've done it correctly, since I can see the colored yarn peeking out of the corners occasionally. At some point I'm probably going to rip it out and redo it, but I think I'm continue adding squares first.

Lastly, I've started keeping scraps I've already used in the blanket in a small box to be used later on again. I just thought it looked pretty, so I thought I would share.


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  1. Your sock blankie is awesome. I'd not seen that pattern before and I love it! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am beginning to think mismatched socks are a wonderful idea! :)


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