Saturday, March 26, 2011 time for a southern summer?

The winters in east Texas are short. This is a fact. This is something I've always known. Yet, for some strange reason, I cast on a wool sweater in December. I knew full well that by the time that I probably finished it, it would be 110 degrees outside.

Well, it looks like I'm right on time. Spring is here, and the sweater is slowly growing. And the temperatures are slowing rising.

Wicked in Berraco Vintage

I should stick to socks.... or move north...

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  1. Beautiful sweater, love the color!
    I have the same "problem"; I'm knitting on a wintery sweater in wool and now it's almost spring here. But I'm hoping it will come in handy those cold summer nights. Besides, it will be winter again and then it will be perfect.


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