Friday, March 23, 2012

FO Friday: Just a square

I've been rather proud of myself when it comes to FO Fridays, and have been consistently finishing at least one project a week for quite some time. Sadly, every great streak has to end and I don't have a true FO to show this week.

Not to be beaten, I pulled out my old Neverending Sock Blankie WIP and added a few squares. I added that Dreamy yarn from my monkey socks and a few mystery squares from minis I had got from some swap or another from a while ago.

Something was cast on and cast off, right? I think that should count as an FO!

In furrier news, my brother has been claiming I have been showering Tippy in favoritism. She was getting all the love on my blog and poor Kera hadn't been seen for a while! So, here is a cute shot of Tippy AND Kera sporting their March-themed bandanas that my mother sent them.

For more FO Friday, of course march on over to Tamis Amis!


  1. That's definitely an FO. Your blankie looks lovely. You should share a picture of the whole WIP as well.

  2. Squares count as FOs in my mind ;) I love all the colours :)

  3. I usually don't post if I don't have a finished object, but have noticed quite a few people being you so as to post/link up. I've been trying my hand at it too. I love the mitered squares and all the various colors...very cool.

  4. Never-ending sock yarn blanket LOL. I've considered starting one too, but I think mine actually WOULD be never-ending! Nice assortment of colours in your blanket so far!

  5. Gorgeous dogs and I love your blanket, I always count squares as FOs!

  6. It's funny the effect FO Friday has, isn't it? I seem to spend my whole week thinking "I must finish something so I can blog about it!" Your blanket looks great, so I'd say it definitely counts :)

  7. i agree - squares totally count!

    and your brother may be right, since i didn't realize you even had another dog :)
    kera is adorable! she and tippy together tip the scales of allowable cuteness for puppers!

    and ps - didn't you knit those socks i see peeping into the pupper's picture?

  8. Yup - I totally agree: caston/off equals a finished object :)
    It is looking great, by the way

  9. I agree - your squares count!! I too am making one of these blankets, but out of cotton yarn (so much of that left over!). Yours looks great!


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