Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holly Jolly Sunday #2

I promised to show my work on my first Christmas gift washcloth this week to put in my Christmas box. I actually completely forgot to cast one on until Friday night! Good thing yall are holding me accountable!

I picked the Lacy Dragon Scale washcloth, a free pattern off of Ravelry. These washclothes are a great chance for me to try out a whole slew of different stitch patterns.

I have to say, while the Dragon Scale pattern looks complicated, its very easily memorized. And I'm really loving the Dishie yarn.

Are you working on early Christmas gifts, or just a gift in general on your blog? Let's cheer each on. I promise to visit! If you do link, all I ask is that you try to visit a few of the other links that might be there.


  1. i still need to finish up my brother's birthday present... i haven't started giving christmas gifts a thought. you're much more organized than i.

    love that color and what a fun pattern!!

  2. I really like the stitch pattern!

  3. Oooh I like this stitch a lot! I think I'll get myself over there and have a go at this myself, thank you for sharing! :)

  4. WOW! You're super ahead of schedule! You'll be laughing come December when everyone scurries to get their projects finished in time and you've got yours all wrapped and under the tree!

  5. I love that stitch pattern, it really does look like dragon scales!

  6. Oh wow - those DO look like big giant scales. Great job getting on your Christmas list already!


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