Saturday, March 3, 2012

Learning to Spin

Down here in Texas, spring is in the air. We've been having some beautiful days here over the past week. I thought I'd share some spring with you. The flowers are blooming, the squirrels are being squirrelly. It's just been wonderful.

 And I'm trying again to learn how to spin. Here are some fat singles that I attempted. I really need to work on my drafting, but this is so much better than my last attempt I've very well pleased. Now, just to figure out what to do with very small amounts of handspun...

I'm also trying to master this beast.  The SO bought this homemade wheel about a year ago used for him to try spinning. It really wasn't his thing, so she's been resting in the back room until I pulled her out yesterday. (She needs a name, am I right?) So far, I don't have any singles to show. I'm getting twist, but no tension. The singles won't pull onto the bobbin, and its very frustrating. I had some choice words for her last night in my frustration, but she knows I didn't mean it.

That's right, I've already personified my wheel.


  1. Ooh, jealous---of both your approaching-spring and of the spinning! ;) I love the look of the singles you've spun, the colour and twist are lovely. I want to be making a headband out of that yarn, I think!

    I hope you and the wheel are getting along swimmingly soon.

  2. I find that wheel spinning is so much easier than using s spindle. If you can't get the wheel to take up the yarn it sounds like you need to tighten the brake and have the wheel spin a little faster. Give that a try and see if it helps. And don't feel bad, I was actually convinced for a while that my wheel was the work of the devil because nothing good on this earth could create something so frustrating. I have two wheel now. You get the hang of it.

  3. oh wow! look at you go!!
    good luck with the wheel! i'm sure you'll figure it out.

  4. How cool! The wheel looks really neat. I hope you get it mastered!


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