Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 8 & 9: Materials and Challenging

I was so excited yesterday to post my WIP Wednesday that I completely forgot to add my craft photo of the day. So yall get two today!

Day 7: Materials

I chose to snap a photo of the beautiful yarn that I'm going to be using for the cardigan I'm going to be starting this week as my long-term project. Ardelise with be stunning in this dark red!

Day 9: Challenging

I chose for this one to show yall the back of my Vivian sweater.  I really can't wait to show you the whole thing on an FO Friday.  I'm just avoiding sewing in that zipper like the plague...

In my Etsy shop news, I wanted to give a special shout out THANK YOU! to Melissa for being my very first sale. I hope you enjoy your stitch markers.!You can check out her blog here.

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  1. oooh your vivian is looking amazing!!
    i've never sewn in a zipper, so i will just be impressed with your skills when you do it!

    and thanks for the shoutout! i'm excited to get my little fishies!! i was just thinking the other day that i needed some stitch markers and then *voila* like magic you opened your shop!!


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