Thursday, February 16, 2012

Presents in the Mail

I received a rather large package from Eat.Sleep.Knit yesterday. They are one of my favorite online yarn stores, and I received a gift certificate not to long ago. I used the oppurtunity to try a large amount of yarns I've never tried before.

They have SO many great sock yarns, and I've been drooling over them since I got home last night. I just had to share all the goodies I received. I've also linked each one to their website, in case my colors are a bit off with my moniter.

Lornes Laces Shepard Sock in Mt. Creek
I LOVE the color combination on this one. These are going to pool so pretty.

Next is Fleece Artist in Seafoam. This yarn is 30% "Seacell", which I believe is a fiber made from seaweed. It makes the yarn very shiny, and I'm hoping for a great stitch definition with this one.

Sweet Geogria is next in Tough Love Sock (Gotta love that name) in Autumn Flame

Another Lornas Laces in Skyway. They are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

A skein of malabrigo is Caribeno. Anyone noticing a theme in my color choices yet?

More Lornes Laces, this time in Lakeview

And they had some self-striping Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints that I just couldn't pass up, so I snatched up a skein of Name Your Poison.

That's all the yarn, but that wasn't all I received in my package. Eat Sleep Knit has a frequent shopper program, and I purchased enough yarn to receive their Yarnathon Welcome Packet.  ***Spoilers***
The thing I loved the most in the welcome packet was the sampler they sent. I can feel every yarn that they sell! I still have mine from last year, but its great to get the new one with the new yarns.

I also received a Yarnathon certificate welcoming me, and a BEAUTIFUL shrug pattern.  I don't wear a lot of really feminine clothes, but I really like this one. And it only takes two skeins. Yup, going into the queue.

And finally, with every purchase they include a Yarn Lotto ticket. AND I WON! I won a mitten kit! I picked a blue one and sent the ticket straight back into the mail.

I love all the extra goodies I received, and I am defintely high on yarn fumes at the moment.  I've never purchased this much yarn in one sitting before. While I feel a little bit guitly, I'm having way to much fun drooling over my new goodies.


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