Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Notion for Madness

Today's prompt in a month of craft photos is "Notions".  Well, I actually have more than one photo for you. I can be a bit obsessive, and once I started making stitch markers, I just kept going! In the last 48 hours, I've made 20 sets. They are so fun to make!  One reader yesterday suggested putting them on etsy. I'm seriously considering it, but worried that no one would buy them.

Oh well, here is what I have so far. There were so many cool beads at the craft store, and the SO let it slip he knows how to cast and make pewter beads. I might stick with this hobby, its just as fun as knitting!


  1. Casting pewter beads sounds very interesting. If you like the stitch markers why not have a go at earrings or a bracelet. It's so addictive.

  2. I would so buy them if you put them on etsy. i love the little butterfly ones!

  3. don't you just love that obsession that comes with a new project/skill?
    your markers are really nice - i say put them on etsy, it certainly can't hurt to try!


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