Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Socks and Socks

It's been a busy, busy week for me in my knitting.  I've finished two hats. (Yes, two!!) I've almost made a good amount of progress in my two latest sock projects. I apologize for the quality of pictures. I'm back at work full time after recovering from my time in the hospital, so I'm back to artifical lighting until the days get a little longer.

My Monkeys have gotten past the heel turn and through half the gusset. The pattern for these is SO easy to memorize. Definitely a super fun knit!

My Figit socks from my work meetings has been growing steadily for the past two weeks. I'm almost ready to begin the toe on the first one. I decided to be a bit adventerous with this pair and tried out a sweet tomato heel. It's very easy, and requires absolutely no math. Its a matter of just making three wedges to account of the shape of the heel. It's very interesting, but I think for my nonstriping socks I'll stick to the heel flap and gusset for durability.

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  1. Awesome socks, I'm a sucker for stripes!

  2. Love the top socks - they are gorgeous

  3. I've never done that heel. I'm a heel flap girl typically, but that heel looks fantastic with the stripes!

  4. Love the monkies! Not only is a fun knit but it's also a really comfortable sock to wear. I guess that's why it's soooo popular. I've watched a couple of tutorials on the Sweet Tomato heel. I thought I might try it on some Christmas Stockings!

  5. Love your socks! You are obviously quite a speedy knitter....great work on all the hard work knitting wise!


  6. socks are looking good! especially the monkeys - love that pattern!!

  7. I love both your socks! The pattern on the monkeys is so pretty and the stripes on your other socks are so cool! Glad you are back to your normal activities. It's hard to be laid up.

  8. Yay for finished hats! I hope your hat-finishing will be contagious, I have a couple (not even started, yikes) baby hats that need to be done ASAP!

    And oh my gosh, these socks. The Monkey socks are so elegant, and the Figit stripes are making me so happy. :D


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