Sunday, February 26, 2012

Knitting Knook

When it comes to decorating or organization, I'm typically not the type of person you can call on. This makes me even extra proud of my new little knitting knook I put together today. 

Our bedroom has this strange little nook in it that had shelves installed inside. We took down those shelves when we were painting right before we moved iin. With the hussle and bussle of the move, they never got put back up. Mostly, because I really had no what to put on the shelves.

So when insomia struck me at three this morning, a great idea came to me.

And no, I don't think its weird to be putting up shelves at three in the morning.

I found a vase and filled it with miniskeins and a nice container for my nicer yarns. They had been sitting in a dresser drawer where I couldn't really enjoy them or know what I had. 

And my knitting books aren't randomly stacked around the house now either. Yay organization!


  1. Very pretty. This is all yarn that you have? This makes me ashamed and so I have to run and hide half of my stash away...

  2. I'm impressed, you clearly dont buy a tonne of wool with no actual plan for what you're going to do with it like I do.

  3. That looks fabulous! And I love built in shelves like that.

  4. Lovely idea for your little nook. I like the jar of yarn.

  5. Beautiful! I love the vase with miniskeins. That's a great idea.

  6. perfect idea for your nook!
    it looks fantastic!


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